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Model 370 is an extremely low-noise, no-nonsense headphone amp. You can enjoy natural and real sounds with it. It is developed based on a special circuit, because we needed a headphone amp which can reproduce the musical sources without almost any noise in a process of development of condenser microphones. You can use it as a main monitoring equipment in a recording studio.

It has a set of inputs that can be used either with XLR or TRS (The reference balance for XLR is +4dBm, and for TRS -10dBm).
The power supply is AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz for world wide use.

The residual noise in the zero volume position is less than 50V, and less than 400V in the full volume position. You can monitor the envelopes of pianissimo parts with the amazingly low-noise.

The channel imbalance is less than 0.5dB for the whole volume position. We can reduce it less than 0.3dB with the optional fader with a quadruplet of conductive plastic resistors. (See the right photos: the above is the standard volume. The below is the optional CP fader.)

( L : model370-CP @R : model370 )

Model : Stereo headphone amp
Input : Electronically Balanced, XLR3-31, 6.3 TRS x 2
Output : 6.3 TRS x 2
Input Impedance : 3.7k (XLR)/ 12k (TRS)
Reference Input Level : +4dBm (XLR)/ -10dBm (TRS)
Maximum Input Level : +25dBm (XLR)/ +10dBm (TRS)
Maximum Output Level
(P-P) : Hi 12V, Low 9V (with 32 loaded, 1kHz, THD+N 0.05%)
(RMS): Hi 4.2V, Low 3V (with 32 loaded, 1kHz, THD+N 0.05%)
Maximum Output without Distortion : 600mW (with 32 ohm load, 1kHz, THD+N 0.05%)
Frequency Characteristics : 13Hz - 100kHz (-0.5dB)
Noise Level :
Less than 50V (in the minimum volume position, 32 loaded)
Less than 400V (in the maximum volume position, 32 loaded)
Channel Imbalance : Less than 0.5dB (in the whole position of the volume)
Cross Talk : More than 60dB (in the maximum volume)
Power Supply : AC100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Electric Energy Consumption : 0.2A (with AC100V)
Size :
180mmW x 215mmD x 44mmH (except the rubber feet and projections)
180mmW x 245mmD x 46mmH (including the rubber feet and projections)
Weight : 1.7kg (without the power cable)