Headphone hanger model425

Assembly Type model 425A 15,000 JPY ( not including Tax and Shipping cost )

Finished Product model 425F 15,000 JPY ( not including Tax and Shipping cost )

As there were many inquiries of the assembly type head phone hanger that MASS-kobo used at the exhibition, it was commercialized.

The model 425 uses acacia from Malaysia and is finished with the beauty of natural wood, and the cable removable headphones have a height that does not stress the connectors and the cables.

Two types are available: model 425A, which can be disassembled and assembled, and model 425F, which is a finished product.

Logo with laser marking on base.

The first 20 will be released each.

※ There is a thing with a black stain in part, but this is not a manufacturing defect in the thing called a mineral streak peculiar to natural wood.



※ Specifications are subject to change for improvement.

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