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Professional Audio

Includ Shipping cost and Paypal fee, not include VAT

Condenser microphone and Accessolies

Card image cap
Condenser microphone
model 359II

222,000 JPY

Card image cap
Condenser Handheld microphone
model 359H

442,000 JPY

Card image cap
Battery powered Phamtom Power Box
model 431

88,000 JPY

D.I. Box

Card image cap
Single ch D.I. Box
model 382

57,000 JPY

Card image cap
2 ch D.I. Box
model 447

101,000 JPY

Headphone Amprifier

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DC or Battery powered 2 Output Headphone Amp.
model 429

200,000 JPY

Mixer , Microphone Amp.

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Microphone Amp. for API Lunch box series
model 390

189,000 JPY

Audio Distributor

Card image cap
3 ch Input 10 x 3 Output Audio Distibutor
model 407

1,700,000 JPY

Card image cap
2ch Input 4 x 2 Output Audio Distributor
model 412

445,000 JPY

We make custom order model.